Welcome to the alpha release of TYPE III AUDIO.
Expect very rough edges and very broken stuff—and regular improvements. Please share your thoughts.

Listen to the best writing on AI and the future.

We make narrations for interesting writers and projects.

Some of our work is below.

80,000 Hours Career Guide

Advice for doing cool things. We also narrate most articles on their website.

An Introduction to Utilitarianism

Narrations of the best introductory textbook.

Your audience wants to listen to your writing. Podcasts are are better than newsletters for telling people about new things (the "New episodes" screen beats the "Promotions" tab).

Just add our audio player to your website, and we'll narrate your writing. Your podcast feed is updated automatically.

All websites are supported. Your setup time will be minutes, not hours.

To get started, write to team@type3.audio.

"We asked the TYPE III AUDIO team to produce AI-narrated audio of our webpages at utilitarianism.net. They were great to work with: reliable, communicative, and pro-active about suggesting possible improvements to our planned implementation. Highly recommended!"

—Richard Y. Chappell, co-editor of utilitarianism.net

"TYPE III AUDIO has produced high-quality narrations of our articles that have increased their reach for comparatively little effort. Working with them has been incredibly smooth for us, and they keep coming up with attractive additions to their services!"

—Arden Koehler, 80,000 Hours

"TYPE III AUDIO's efficiency and professionalism make them wonderful partners. By partnering with them, we've been able to test audio narration on the EA Forum quickly and develop a strategy to boost engagement further."

—Sharang Phadke, Effective Altruism Forum

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