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[Week 0] “Three impacts of machine intelligence” by Paul Christiano

AGI Safety Fundamentals: Governance

Readings from the AI Safety Fundamentals: Governance course.



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I think that the development of human level AI in my lifetime is quite plausible; I would give it more than a 1-in-4 chance. In this post I want to briefly discuss what I see as the most important impacts of AI. I think these impacts are the heavy hitters by a solid margin; each of them seems like a big deal, and I think there is a big gap to #4. Growth will accelerate, probably very significantly. Growth rates will likely rise by at least an order of magnitude, and probably further, until we run into severe resource constraints. Just as the last 200 years have experienced more change than 10,000 BCE to 0 BCE, we are likely to see periods of 4 years in the future that experience more change than the last 200. Human wages will fall, probably very far. When humans work, they will probably be improving other humans’ lives (for example, in domains where we intrinsically value service by humans) rather than by contributing to overall economic productivity. The great majority of humans will probably not work. Hopefully humans will remain relatively rich in absolute terms.

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Narrated for AGI Safety Fundamentals by Perrin Walker of TYPE III AUDIO.

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