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Ajeya Cotra on Forecasting Transformative Artificial Intelligence

Radio Bostrom

Audio narrations of academic papers by Nick Bostrom.


Ajeya Cotra joins us to discuss forecasting transformative artificial intelligence.
Follow the work of Ajeya and her colleagues:
00:00 Introduction
00:53 Ajeya's report on AI
01:16 What is transformative AI?
02:09 Forecasting transformative AI
02:53 Historical growth rates
05:10 Simpler forecasting methods
09:01 Biological anchors
16:31 Different paths to transformative AI
17:55 Which year will we get transformative AI?
25:54 Expert opinion on transformative AI
30:08 Are today's machine learning techniques enough?
33:06 Will AI be limited by the physical world and regulation?
38:15 Will AI be limited by training data?
41:48 Are there human abilities that AIs cannot learn?
47:22 The next episode