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2. How Vulnerable is the World? (2021)

An Introduction to Nick Bostrom

An introduction to Nick Bostrom's ideas, including: existential risk, wise philanthropy, the ethics of AI, transhumanism, and the case for speeding up some investments in technology while slowing down others.


By Nick Bostrom and Matthew van der Merwe.

Sooner or later a technology capable of wiping out human civilisation might be invented. How far would we go to stop it?

Read the full paper:

- The Vulnerable World Hypothesis (2019) (original academic paper)
- The Vulnerable World Hypothesis (2019) (narration by Radio Bostrom)

This article is an adaption of Bostrom's academic paper "The Vulnerable World Hypothesis (2019)".

The article was first published in Aeon Magazine. The narration was provided by Curio. We are grateful to Aeon and Curio for granting us permission to re-use the audio. Curio are offering Radio Bostrom listeners a 25% discount on their annual subscription.