June 2023: Welcome to the alpha release of TYPE III AUDIO.
Expect very rough edges and very broken stuff—and daily improvements. Please share your thoughts.

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“The Redaction Machine” by Ben

LessWrong (Curated)

Audio version of the posts shared in the LessWrong Curated newsletter.




On the 3rd of October 2351 a machine flared to life. Huge energies coursed into it via cables, only to leave moments later as heat dumped unwanted into its radiators. With an enormous puff the machine unleashed sixty years of human metabolic entropy into superheated steam.

In the heart of the machine was Jane, a person of the early 21st century.

From her perspective there was no transition. One moment she had been in the year 2021, sat beneath a tree in a park. Reading a detective novel.

Then the book was gone, and the tree. Also the park. Even the year.

She found herself laid in a bathtub, immersed in sickly fatty fluids. She was naked and cold.