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The Torch Of Progress - Ep. 3 ft. Patrick Collison

An Introduction to Nick Bostrom

An introduction to Nick Bostrom's ideas, including: existential risk, wise philanthropy, the ethics of AI, transhumanism, and the case for speeding up some investments in technology while slowing down others.


In the third episode of The Torch of Progress, we sit down with Patrick Collison, the Co-founder and CEO of Stripe. We discuss progress studies, his perspective on the sciences, Effective Altruism, on being a self-described 'fallibilist,' and the entrepreneurial mindset.
Key Topics:
- The rate of scientific progress and whether it's slowing down.
- Progress Studies at large and Patrick's views on Effective Altruism
- On being a self-described 'fallibilist' and the entrepreneurial mindset. 
- Q&A from students and attendees, and much more.
Guest Speaker: Patrick Collison - Co-founder and CEO of Stripe
Progress Studies for Young Scholars:
The Academy of Thought and Industry:
The Roots of Progress Blog:
Higher Ground Education:
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