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NP News: ChatGPT vs Google Bard, Sam Altman Visits Congress, Unnecessary Inventions, and Reality Steve

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Want to learn about the new ChatGPT plugins and other new updates that could affect for site owners?

Don't miss this week's episode of Niche Pursuits News!

Spencer and Jared kick things off by discussing new ChatGPT plugins brainstorming the various ways they can help users automate everything from email to SEO. Plus, the new opportunities for entrepreneurs with plugin ideas.

They also discuss OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's hearing before Congress earlier this week concerning the possible risks and implications of AI. A four and a half hour testimony covering everything from the dangers of misinformation to political fallout, with one conclusion being that 'AI is more dangerous than you think'.

But since Google Bard is now available to the public, the guys were able to test it out with some fun prompts including asking it to compare itself to ChatGPT with some surprising results.

They also unpack Google's upcoming Core Web Vitals metric InP, which will offer insights into the 'interaction to next paint' rather than just 'first input delay', which could change the game in user experience metrics.

Then it's onto the side hustles, where Spencer unveils his year in the making WordPress plugin, Rank Logic, a powerful tool for tracking keyword rankings and content performance which is now open for a limited number of beta testers.

Meanwhile, Jared introduces his new service on Weekend Growth that creates email newsletter funnels for niche websites and is already receiving orders and positive feedback!

And as always, they wind things down by looking at peculiar niche sites starting with Unnecessary Inventions. A site created by an inventive content creator who turned his unique thinking into a profitable business followed by millions of fans on YouTube and Instagram.

They also discuss Reality Steve, a site dedicated to spoiling the results of the dating reality show The Bachelor.

In both cases, the sites have sparked interesting careers for their creators but the guys ponder the various ways they could boost their monetization.

So, sit back and enjoy another episode of industry insights, personal projects, and peculiar niches to help you get ready for the weekend!

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