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Sam Altman on AI Elections Risk 🗳️ // Anthropic-Zoom Partnership 🤝 // Symbol Tuning ICL ❎

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We discussed Sam Altman's proposed solutions for regulating AI's impact on elections, as well as the exciting partnership between Anthropic and Zoom to build customer-centric AI products. We also highlighted the LLM University by Cohere, a comprehensive learning resource for anyone interested in NLP using language models. Finally, we delved into three research papers, including Optimizing Memory Mapping Using Deep Reinforcement Learning, Professional Certification Benchmark Dataset, and Symbol Tuning for ICL in Large Language Models.

Contact: sergi@earkind.com


00:34 Introduction

01:46 Sam Altman is concerned about AI being used to compromise elections

03:03 Anthropic Announces Partnership and Investment from Zoom

05:43 The LLM University by Cohere — Your Go-To Learning Resource for NLP🎓

06:59 A repo to build a small junior AI developer

08:43 Fake sponsor: AccenTrick Energy Drink

10:57 Optimizing Memory Mapping Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

12:37 Professional Certification Benchmark Dataset: The First 500 Jobs For Large Language Models

14:47 Symbol tuning improves in-context learning in language models

17:10 Outro