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AI girlfriends, memories & recreations + Sam Altman testifies | E1743

Rachel joins Jason to discuss Caryn AI and its rise to popularity before explaining how GenZ uses AI in their everyday lives (1:11). They wrap up conversing about the hearings at the Senate regarding AI regulation and more (49:56). 

(0:00) Rachel joins Jason

(1:11) Rachel breaks down CarynAI 

(10:33) LinkedIn Jobs - Post your first job for free at https://linkedin.com/twist 

(11:59) The ethics of Forever Voices and creating digital AI clones

(21:25) Notion - Apply for Notion for Startups at https://notion.com/jason

(22:40) How Gen Z is using AI, AI-powered filters, and Milli Vanilli

(32:01) Hampton - Join Hampton's community of high-growth founders today at https://joinhampton.com/twist

(33:20) Jason gives a history lesson, Rupert Murdoch's infamous trial and Snapchat's AI chatbot

(49:56) AI Senate hearings 

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