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Sam Altman on OpenAI's $100 Trillion Future. Goldman Sachs on AI and Jobs.

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Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI expects his company to capture as much as $100 Trillion of the world's wealth.

He proposes a plan that will help redistribute that wealth and make sure that everyone is able to participate.

Now, it’s important to understand that five years ago, many AI researchers mocked this man for his ideas about AGI and how fast progress will increase

No, one is mocking him now. 

In fact, many people are asking him to pause AI research for 6 months, so we can put safety measures in place.

So, keep this in mind as you hear his predictions, this person tends to see where the AI puck is going, much better than most.

In Sam Altman’s blog he argues that AI advancement will replace the need for human labor.

As the cost of human labor falls towards zero, we need to set up a policy that will allow us to distribute resources and improve the standard of living for everyone.

At the same time Goldman Sachs releases a report talking about the massive potential that AI will have on the economy globally, including what percentage of the workforce is expected to be replaced by automated AI.

A very recent study from MIT, shows some surprising findings as white collar workers are asked to use tools like ChatGPT to help with their work. 

Using AI tools seems to improve human productivity, but also reduce the productivity inequality in workers.

That is, people using these AI tools tend to produce less substandard work, have less errors and also tend to “give up” less on their assigned tasks.

In this video we look at these key studies that seem to indicate how powerful these AI tools will be.