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Sam Altman tries to Regulate AI, Why AI Will Displace Your Job & The Future of AI | E15

In Episode 15 we explore AI regulation, new job-stealing capabilities for AI, and the dangers of autonomous drones, while pondering how to advise students on future careers. We discuss OpenAI's call for regulation amid fears of losing their monopoly, the rise of AI in gaming creating interactive stories, and their anxiety over autonomous killer drones. We also cover the latest news including ChatGPT for iOS and the wide release of Plugins for ChatGPT PRO users.

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00:00 - Cold open
00:25 - Sam Altman Tries to Regulate AI & AI Regulation Senate Hearing
03:29 - OpenAI's Lack of Moat to Open Source LLMs & Regulation 
13:32 - Spear Phishing Attacks with AI LLMs & Bad Actors Using AI
22:38 - ChatGPT for iOS now available in USA
26:40 - The Future of AI: AI will be Everywhere
29:30 - Which Jobs will be Displaced First and How?
34:47 - As AI Chain of Thought Reasoning Improves Will More Jobs Go?
40:32 - Connecting AI to Our World as a New Interface
44:37 - Excitement on the Future of AI Gaming 
48:51 - Will Startup Teams Be Smaller Due to AI & AI Regulation
52:10 - Building Things with AI: Custom Software, Movies, Games
55:35 - Palmer Luckey Interview: Autonomous Decision-Making AI Drones