June 2023: Welcome to the alpha release of TYPE III AUDIO.
Expect very rough edges and very broken stuff—and daily improvements. Please share your thoughts.

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TikTok finally BANNED, Quantum Computing, Working From Home, Tesla's Adverts, Sam Altman & NEW INTRO

LessWrong (Curated)

Audio version of the posts shared in the LessWrong Curated newsletter.



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00:00 - Hook
00:15 - THE NEW INTRO!
00:48 - Linus steps down as CEO
04:22 - Dagogo's Broken Mac
06:03 - Quantum Computing
10:43 - Retrospective Outlook 
14:26 - Tawsif is doing a 12K
15:53 - Tiktok banned in Montana
23:55 - AR/VR for the workspace? 
28:49 - Looking back at the pandemic
33:11 - Elon says WFH is "immoral"
37:20 - Tesla to advertise for the first time
43:04 - Sam Altman and OpenAI Regulation
46:04 - Meta's Imagebind AI
47:53 - Wendy's AI to take drive through orders
49:07 - Replying to comments
56:39 - Outro

Produced by: Dagogo Altraide (ColdFusion), Tawsif Akkas
Shot and edited by: Brayden Laffrey